New look, same us


You may have noticed we’ve been getting creative back at Hungry Joe’s HQ and we’ve got a fresh new look! Do you love it? (we do!)

We’re not the first to shake things up though, and it got us thinking about other famous attempts at a new look.  For us, there’s no bigger make-over than when your favourite show decides to replace an actor with no warning and expect you to get on board with an entirely new person playing the same character.

Don’t get us wrong – some nailed it (I doubt we’d hear from many people in defence of Edward Norton after Mark Ruffalo more than ably stepped into Bruce Banner’s shoes). But, there are some replacements that haven’t been quite as successful.

Here are some of our favourite famous re-casting fails...

1.       Game of Thrones’ Daario Naharis



We simply couldn’t write this post without talking about Game of Thrones. They don’t often get things wrong (we won’t mention the outrageous banishment of Jon Snow’s Uncle Benjen to The Wall…), but fans were left scratching their heads when, between seasons, Daario Naharis lost his trademark locks to morph into an entirely different person! No wonder things never worked out between him and Daenerys.

2.       Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor



Remember that time a couple of months ago when Ryan Connor returned to Weatherfield? You probably do, because it caused A LOT of confusion among fans  as it was not the second time Ryan had been given a fresh new look, but in fact the THIRD. Soap lovers took to social media to voice their opinions and they didn’t hold back. “Shame Michelle was too busy to visit Ryan when he had his head transplant.”  Yep!


 3.       Batman’s Bruce Wayne


When George Clooney was cast as Batman, it seemed like a good call – George was then a rapidly rising star and surely a safe pair of hands after a star-turn in From Dusk Till Dawn and playing the much beloved Dr Ross in ER. Sure, there had already been three actors to play the character in five years, but one more wouldn’t hurt right? Wrong. Clooney’s Batman & Robin racked up 11 nominations at the ‘Razzie Awards’ and is considered by many to be among the worst films of all time. Ouch.


Have we done a Ruffalo or a Clooney with our new look? Let us know what you think!

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