Hungry Joe’s Funniest Moments of 2020!

Ah 2020, what a year you have been. One to tell the grandkids about. Still. At least we’ve had the reliably bonkers world wide web to keep us company though the many, many hours dutifully staying at home.

To celebrate the year that wasn’t, we’ve rounded up our top 5 LOLs of the year. Let’s send 2020 packing with a good laugh.


Tuck in and let us know if we got it right or what we missed on our Facebook page.


  1. Chanel the missing parrot


As if 2020 couldn’t get any more absurd, we LOVED it when African grey parrot, Chanel, rose to viral fame. After flying away one day, owner Sharon took to the streets of Everton screaming ’CHANEEELLL’ at the top of her lungs as she begged the internet to help her find her beloved Chanel the African grey.

What took this to internet history fame was the remixes that followed. ‘Show me the love’ was ICONIC and had people bopping along left right and centre. This video is truly uplifting, especially as Chanel was reunited with her loving owner – the happy ending we all deserved.


  1. Matt Lucas – Baked Potato 

Catchy, informative, charitable and downright hilarious – everything that’s needed to make a viral video, well viral. If you managed to watch this and not get an earworm then please teach us your ways!

Just when we thought Matt Lucas had provided us with his best for 2020, he went and pulled out all the stops for his intro to this year’s Great British Bake-off series premiere. The wig, the stammering, the spot-on references to lockdown restrictions. It was PURE comedy gold and kicked off the newest season with a belly-laughing bang.


  1. COVID-19 friendly commute to work 

Remember commuting? It all feels a bit like a distant memory these days. Back in the early days of lockdown when working from home felt like a bit of a luxury, we were graced with this Oscar-worthy re-enactment of the Londoner’s average morning battling the tube. The squeeze, the awkward eye contact, the passing in the doorway – spot on.


  1. Jason Derulo Knocks Will Smith’s Teeth Out with Golf Club

We’ve all been stuck at home and celebrities were no exception (mostly – looking at you Rita Ora). With time on their hands and a relentless desire for attention, they took to social media like never before. Jason Derulo – sing it, never say it – ran with it, with some epic pranks and hilarious videos.

We loved this recent effort – golf lessons with Will Smith. Ah Will, we’re fairly sure you can afford a decent cosmetic dentist.


  1. Michael Myers Seen Having Dance-Off with Child in Full Costume

Where to even start. Known for his endless ability to reincarnate, Michael Myers has been terrifying us all for more than 40 years. 2020 was the year the serial murderer finally softened.

We love this socially distanced dance-off. Mirroring each other’s moves and trying to outdo the other, it’s a close call to say who won. For the sake of not upsetting a child, or a merciless and terrifying killer, let’s call it a tie eh?


Merry Christmas, from all at Hungry Joes. And remember – when you’ve had enough of dry turkey sandwiches, there’s a seriously satisfying Hungry Joes meal waiting in the freezer for you.

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