A match made in heaven…


Who doesn’t love news of the latest celebrity couplings??  Nothing pulls on the heart strings more than seeing your fave Hollywood hotties pairing off and becoming the latest dream couple over whom we can drool.


Well it’s our turn to announce an exciting new relationship!  We’ve teamed up with social superstar and You Tube legend (and aptly-named) Joe Charman, who will be spreading the word about Hungry Joe’s by dishing up some ‘seriously satisfying’ videos.


Joe’s ‘Yeah I’ve got skills’ videos are an internet sensation and he’s bringing his skills and tricks to the Hungry Joe’s kitchen.  Joe’s epic fan base across Facebook, Instagram and You Tube means he is the perfect partner to share the love for our seriously satisfying dinners…..The fact that he shares our name is surely fate.


Side-splitting videos and hunger-busting food – a winning combo.


This got us thinking about the best and worst celebrity pairings. 


Too hot

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

How much would we have paid for a ticket to the after party? They rejected tradition, did what they wanted, and looked epic while doing it.  All hail the newest and hottest royal pair.


Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy

This ridiculously attractive couple are picture perfect and worked together on a number of dramas before marrying and having a baby together.  ‘Office’ romances clearly can work!


Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn

Ed is some kind of slightly odd looking God and he’s pretty loved up with his new fiancée who seems to share his love of hoodies.  Awww.


Too what??

Madonna and Michael Jackson

Really?!?  Rumour has it that Madonna took Michael Jackson as her date to the Oscars and it ended in a kiss…weird.


Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong

This one’s a bit baffling!  15-year age gap and a couple you’d never put together but they did date briefly once upon a time.


Tom Cruise and Cher

Yep!  Apparently this was a thing!  Just imagine their conversations over dinner!


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