5 Tips for the Ultimate Night In

You’re skint and bored, so a night on the tiles is out of the question. There’s messages flying back and forth about what to do on your group chat. It might take a while to get there, but you know the inevitable result. In about three hours’ time, everyone will pile round to yours because you’ve got a Netflix subscription and a spare bean bag.

So, what’s the secret to a great night in? Here’s our top tips.

1.       Get your game face on

Board games are no longer the sole reserve of holidays and Christmas with your parents. No night in in 2017 is complete without someone (you already know who this will be) having a sense of humour failure over a board game! For something almost certainly guaranteed to offend, make sure you pick up Cards Against Humanity 2.0, a brand new deck from the Cards Against Humanity guys.

 It’s expected to include some hilarious and seriously offensive new cards, just don’t invite your mum!

2.       Line up a movie marathon

It’s been 42 years (what!) since it was first released, but we’ll admit to still being a little afraid to get into the water. We are of course talking about Jaws, which along with the three sequels, has been added to Netflix this month. The perfect horror movie marathon and enough terrifying shark action to keep you out of the water for several more years to come.

3.       Don’t let your guests go hungry

This is important. REALLY important. We’re biased, obviously, but Hungry Joes are genuinely brilliant for feeding a small army. Grab a few packs of our Chicken & Bacon BBQ Melt with Wedges and Mighty Meatball Pasta Feast, bung them in the oven and serve them up buffet style for a quick and easy meal solution.

4.       Designate your driver

We can’t deny that it’s also pretty critical to get the drinks right too. Whether your guests are into a bottle of something crafty, a glass of Pinot or just fancy a lemonade, it’ll taste heaps better ice cold so allow plenty of time to get them chilled before your mates arrive. Don’t forget to get some non-alcoholic treats for your designated driver too. We’re obsessed with these Mocktail recipes for when it’s our turn as taxi!

5.       Pimp your playlist

No pressure, but the playlist is the most vitally important ingredient of the perfect night in. It’ll set the mood and you will definitely be judged by your mates for your choices! Make sure you have a good mix of current tunes with some golden oldies. 

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