We’ve got (rugby) skills

Wales and England have been crushing it at the Rugby World Cup and we can’t wait to see if our boys have got what it takes to get to the final. To mark a fantastic World Cup performance from the home nations, we’ve teamed up with ‘The Skills Guy’, Joe Charman, to create this very…

Joe Charman’s top 5 binge-worthy TV shows

TV. The ultimate escapism right in your living room. Everyone loves great TV and right now there is plenty of it about. But where to start? We asked our mate Joe Charman for his top 5 binge-worthy TV shows of all time, and here they are! What do you think? 5. Breaking Bad “It has…

TV’s Best Bromances

Chemistry. That rarest of on-screen sizzle every TV exec hopes they’ll get when they pair up their stars on screen. It makes for great TV, and arguably never more so than when it’s a bromance. Here’s our favourite top five. If you agree, or if you don’t, let us know!  Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher…

10 ‘seriously satisfying’ videos

Back in October we announced that YouTube superstar Joe Charman would be serving up some ‘seriously satisfying’ videos for us and it got us thinking, what are the most mesmerising videos online? We’ve done some extremely thorough research and have rounded up our top 10 picks.   1)      The Most Satisfying Video in the World…


Hungry Joe’s Can’t Miss TikTok Stars of 2021
15th December 2021

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Are you a Sainsbury’s shopper looking to be seriously satisfied?
5th September 2021

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Satisfied Joe's

The tastiest meal I've had in a long while, generous and full of flavour!