10 ‘seriously satisfying’ videos


Back in October we announced that YouTube superstar Joe Charman would be serving up some ‘seriously satisfying’ videos for us and it got us thinking, what are the most mesmerising videos online?

We’ve done some extremely thorough research and have rounded up our top 10 picks.


1)      The Most Satisfying Video in the World

Need we say more? Over 18 million people have watched this seriously satisfying compilation. Featuring everything from cans being crushed to cakes being decorated, it’s a feast for the eyes.


2)      Domino destruction

It took a whole day for professional domino artist Hevesh5 to construct this epic spiral out of 15,000 dominoes, but it took just a couple of minutes to destroy.


3)      Best Pets of 2018

The internet wouldn’t be complete without a few animal videos so here’s a round-up of the stars of 2018. Sit back, relax and watch these puppers and floofs living their best life.  



4)      Mesmerising slow-mo

Thanks to Gavin Free and Daniel Charles Gruchy (aka The Slow Mo Guys) there’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to their slow-mo experiments. Our favourite is water droplet collisions, but there’s everything from exploding watermelons to rainbow tennis jelly.


5)      Candle carving

We stumbled across the art of candle carving while scrolling through our Facebook feed and there’s something oddly satisfying about seeing the wax sliced and shaped to reveal the layers of different colours. Scroll to 2:25 to get to the good stuff.


6)      Red Cup trick shots

Is there anything that screams ‘HOUSE PARTY’ more than a red cup? Stock up and have a go at some of these tricks at your next gathering.


7)      Animated awesomeness

Andreas Wannerstedt is a Swedish designer and motion graphics artist who has created some incredible animated videos. Afternoon procrastination – sorted!


8)      An un-beer-lievable catch

“Effortlessly cool” is how we’d describe David Achter de Molen, the lead singer of Dutch punk rock back John Coffey, as he catches this pint one handed. Cheers!


9)      Heavenly hydrographics

One for the petrol heads here… More than seven million people have watched these alloy wheels having hydrographics applied to them. We can understand the fascination.



10)   Seriously satisfying

This list wouldn’t have been complete without including our collaboration with trickster Joe Charman. Yeah, he does have skills.




10 ‘seriously satisfying’ videos
03 January 2019

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