Hungry Joe’s Can’t Miss TikTok Stars of 2021

TikTok has been filling that Vine (RIP) shaped hole in our phone ever since it bulldozed into our lives last year. We didn’t think the novelty of this scrolling frenzy would stick around, but it just keeps getting better. The number of hours lost to scrolling through the short snappy videos is inconceivable but we…

Are you a Sainsbury’s shopper looking to be seriously satisfied?

Well, you’re in luck – Hungry Joe’s seriously satisfying frozen ready meals are now available in Sainsbury’s! *hold for applause from eager Sainsbury’s shoppers*.  If you’re longing for some proper good grub, say hello to mouth-watering meals packed full of flavour, perfect for when you need to fill your family up or have an easy…

Hungry Joe’s #FridayFeast Competition

Hungry Joe’s: Seriously satisfying meals, packed full of flavour to satisfy any hunger!   So, Spring has sprung and that brings later evenings, YAY! We want to make it clear that here, at Hungry Joes, we think Fridays are hands down THE best evenings! #Controversial   Our case:   That Friday feeling is real, especially…

Hungry Joe’s Funniest Moments of 2020!

Ah 2020, what a year you have been. One to tell the grandkids about. Still. At least we’ve had the reliably bonkers world wide web to keep us company though the many, many hours dutifully staying at home. To celebrate the year that wasn’t, we’ve rounded up our top 5 LOLs of the year. Let’s…

Calling hungry Morrison’s shoppers!

Hungry Joes – reigning king of the frozen ready meal aisle is gearing up to expand its empire. The team here at HQ is excited to announce that we will be providing seriously satisfying meals to a whole new breed of Hungry Joe’s – Morrison’s shoppers! So, if you shop at Morrison’s, let us introduce…


Hungry Joe’s Can’t Miss TikTok Stars of 2021
15th December 2021

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Are you a Sainsbury’s shopper looking to be seriously satisfied?
5th September 2021

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The tastiest meal I've had in a long while, generous and full of flavour!